Education Society

The aim of PAKUNI Education Society (ES) is to create an awareness of both social and educational issues, this has been done by inviting famous journalists /reformers and arranged sessions with students in which students were told about the importance of youth bringing a positive change in the country, followed by an interesting question answer session between the guest & students; intellectual quiz competitions, general & specific lectures & panel discussions. In our speaker sessions many media personal's like Mr Abdul Rauf (Geo TV Anchor). Educationlists & economists like Mr Asad Saeed Khawaja have been invited to enlighten the minds of our students towards economical reforms and policies around the world. Our future, initiative is to organize "Business Idea Competition" to give students practical exposure of their subjects.

How does ES perform it's functions?

PAKUNI ES is made for all students of both programs, Banking & Finance and Insurance & Risk Management. Throughout the year it offers a range of educational events. It runs under two clubs:
  1. Banking and Finance Club (BAFC):
    BAFC promotes the study and understanding of Banking and Finance industry through providing students the opportunity to do research, arrange discussion forums, workshops, educational trips, professional meetups and speaker sessions and share the practical implications and importance of their learning throughout the program.
  2. Insurance and Risk Managamene Club (IARMC): IARMC also provides a platform to the students to involves themselves in academic and social activities and hence introduces a congenial atmosphere to abridge the gaps between the students and the insurance industry and improve their understanding and prominence of the insurance and risk management mechanism by organizing various study tours, workshops, speaker sessions and discussion forums.