Computer Lab

The computer lab at PAKUNI provides state-of-the-art computing facilities. It accommodates more than 1800 participants and serves 1000-1200 participants on daily basis from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm. The lab offers a wide variety of software and media equipment which allow the students to access computer applications, the internet, e-mail and audio/visual technologies. High speed Network access is available from workstation to the servers for data sharing and internet browsing. Whereas the workstations are fully loaded with variety of application software including but not limited to word processing program, database applications, spreadsheets, network software, graphics packages etc.

Services Available At Computer Lab

The PAKUNI Computer Lab provides a wide range of services to facilitate its students; the major facilities are highlighted as under -:

  • High performance Server Machine.
  • High speed Computer Network
  • High speed Internet.
  • Core i3 Computer systems with LCD's.
  • Mail Server access for the Faculty, Students and Staff.
  • Wireless Internet available for portable devices.
  • CD-DVD-Writing facility available.
  • Multimedia Projectors installed in Lecture rooms.
  • UPS systems installed for high end availability of Lab resources.

Successful installation of Wi-Fi technology in the college premises is another milestone. Wi-Fi is a popular technology that will allow our students within the campus to exchange data from their laptops/mobiles wirelessly (using radio waves) over a computer network, including high-speed internet connections.


Hailey College of Banking and Finance Library is providing excellent services and facilities to fulfill the information needs of its users. It is equipped with state-of-the-art systems and technologies. It has a collection of over 7,000 books comprising printed and electronic information sources. The library is managed by qualified and experienced staff, dedicated to provide high quality innovative services. Its culture of trust, tolerance, sharing and self-servicing makes it a unique.
Our mission is to excel in supporting the academic and scholarly endeavor of our users, in their core instructional and research requirements providing the best possible resources, systems and services.
Our aim is to encourage and support the academic and research activities of faculty, staff and students. It provides a full range of services that include loans, online information searching, reference services, access to virtual collections & digital resources, CD-ROM & online searching etc.

Scholarships and Financial Assistance

The students can avail following merit and needy scholarships as per policy of the University of the Punjab:

  1. Merit Scholarship
  2. Needy Scholarship
  3. Disable Scholarship
  4. PEEF Scholarship
  5. Disable Student Free of Cost
  6. Baluchistan Student Free of Cost
  7. Sports Students Free of Cost
  8. Scholarship of Higher Education Commission (HEC)

Hostel Accommodation

Students admitted to Morning Programs may apply to Chairman, Hall Council, (Quaid-e-Azam) New Campus, University of the Punjab, Lahore for the hostel accommodation who will allot the accommodation subject to availability.

Cafeteria & Book Shop

The College cafeteria provides a variety of eatables and refreshals, at economical rates in a healthy and hygienic environment. Also, course books and tutorial notes are available at the College books shop for the student’s assistance. Committees have been constituted to supervise their affairs and ensure quality of services at economical rates.

Ladies Lounge

The College provides a spacious, well-furnished and air-conditioned lounge for the female students where they can socialize relax as well during the lecture break and after prayers.

Newsletter & Magazine

The College publishes its newsletter periodically to keep the students informed about the in-house activities on academics, linkages, co-curricular and other related activities. This serves as a liaison between students and the College. The College also plans to publish its annual bilingual magazine. Students are encouraged to contribute.

Field Tours

The College Management focuses to disseminate modern business education to students. Field tours are an important part of students’ educational activity. The College is therefore providing invaluable opportunity to the students to see first hand working of financial market. Students visit renowned industrial units and business houses so that they can develop and prepare themselves for serving as high performer in the most dynamic business environment.

Seminars & Workshops

Research oriented teaching is conducted for various courses. The visiting scholars are invited to deliver special profession related lectures and to conduct various seminars and workshops, periodically with an objective to up date the students with current business development.

Dress Code

Parents are advised to ensure that their children attend the College in a formal dress. Wearing of Jeans, T-Shirts is not allowed. Only dress shoes and joggers are allowed. Girls cannot wear sleeveless and short shirts similarly jeans and tights are not allowed.

College Identity Card

  1. Entry in College premises will be allowed only if the student is wearing college identity card. Every student shall obtain his/her Identity Card from the College Office upon admission. If an Identity Card is lost, a new card may be obtained against payment of Rs. 200. Students are advised to ensure wearing / display of College Identity Cards on Campus. Access to facilities like library / computer lab will not be allowed to the students who are not wearing / display College Identity Cards.
  2. Student shall surrender the Identity Card to the College Office for record on completion of the program and/or termination of his/her program.