Rules of Promotion BBA & MBA

  1. At the end of the each semester a student must obtain a minimum Grade Point Average (GPA) of 2.00 to be promoted to the next semester.
  2. In case a student is able to obtain GPA of 1.50 or more but less than 2.00 except first semester where GPA of 1.50 or more but less than 2.0, he/she will be promoted to the next semester on probation (1st probation). If the student dose not achieve desired CGPA 2.0 but obtain GPA greater than or equal to 1.7 will go to 2 (last) probation. The candidate, who fails to secure 1.50 CGPA in the first Semester or 1.70 CGPA in the subsequent semester/s, shall stand automatically dropped from the rolls.
  3. At the end of the each semester (from second semester to the second last semester), a student must obtain a minimum cumulative grade point average (CGPA) of 2.00 for promotion to the next semester. Every student will have the right to avail probation twice in the following semesters.
  4. A student has to obtain CGPA 2.00 in the last semester of each program for the award of degree.
  5. In the third, fifth, seventh, ninth semester a student will be required to repeat those courses of the first, third, fifth and or seventh semesters in which he / she had failed.
  6. In the fourth, sixth, eighth and tenth semester a student will be required to repeat those courses of the second, fourth, sixth and / or eighth semester in which he had failed.
  7. If a student gets D grade/s he / she can repeat the course/s when offered to improve his/her grade/s. The student who complete all courses and interested to improve D grade/s he/ she shall be allowed to improved D grade/s within the allowable period (number of years) stated for the said degree at section III.
  8. A student, who completes all the courses and has not been required to repeat any course(s), obtains CGPA less than 2.00 but not less than 1.90 at the end of the 4 semester in case of 2 year MA / M. Sc, 8 semester in case of 3.5 - 4 years bachelor and 10 semester in case of 5 years bachelor may be allowed to repeat 12 credit hour courses (varying from 2 to 4 credit hours) in which he / she had obtained the lowest grades, in order to improve the CGPA so as to obtain the minimum of 2.00 CGPA failing which he / she shall not be awarded degree and removed from the rolls of the department / centre / institute / University.
  9. In case a student repeats the course(s) for the improvement of grade(s) which he / she has already taken, the better of the two grades of the course(s) will be counted for CGPA calculations.


The promotion of a student on probation will be allowed twice in all the programs given at III (a, b, c). If a student in the first semester obtains CGPA less than 2.0 and greater than or equal to 1.5 will be considered on probation but in the later semesters the student will be considered in probation if he/she scores CGPA less than 2.0 and greater than or equal to 1.70. In case student does not achieve minimum desired CGPA 2.0 in any semester after availing opportunity of two probations, he/she shall be dropped from the rolls of the Department/ Centre/ Institute/ University.

Class Attendance

  1. A student must have attended at least 75% of the classes held in a course in order to be allowed to sit in the final examination.
  2. In case of absence as result of late admission, medical grounds (2-5) weeks in a stretch), change of course and/or foreign visits (2-5) weeks in a stretch), the teacher will give extra (make-up) material to the student to compensate the deficiency because of said absence after permission by the Departmental Examination Committee to appear in the examination of the course.
  3. At the end of each month the teacher concerned shall send, a statement giving total number of lectures delivered and practical conducted by him together with the number of lectures and practical attended by each student.
  4. In case the student remains absent from the class for seven consecutive lectures without leave his/her name shall be removed from the rolls.
  5. The student having class attendance less than 75% in a particular course will be required to repeat the course when it is offered again. The student will be awarded FW i.e forced withdrawal and will not be counted towards calculation of GPA/CGPA.
  6. In the case of sportsperson, participating in games of national and international level, as verified by the director of sports and recommended by the Chairman/ Director/ Principal concerned. 75% of the requisite attendance in lectures and practical will be calculated on the basis of total number of lectures / practical, delivered to his/ her class in a course, minus the number of lectures / practical delivered to his class on the days actually spent by the sportsman in such sports and games. However, the department/ Institute/ University shall arrange, before the commencement of mid and final semester examination, special lecture for the sportsman concerned in order to make up the deficiency in lecture/ practical calculated in the aforementioned manner.

Course Evaluation System

  1. The teacher is responsible for evaluation of work/performance of the students of his class and for the award of grades to them on the basis of such evaluation.
  2. The number and nature of tests and assignments depends on the nature of course. However, in case of taught courses there will be at least one home assignment, two quizzes and two tests (Mid semester and final examination) in each course with the weightage as under:-
    a) Assignments/ Projects 25% b) Mid Semester 35% c) Final Exam 40%
  3. To pass a course, student must obtain 'D' grade (50% marks) in aggregate.
  4. There shall be no choice in questions in the mid-term and final examination papers.
  5. The scripts of each activity (a, b and c of 2 above) shall be shown to the students by the concerned teachers within one week, taken back immediately in accordance with the announced schedule along with the examination schedule.
  6. In case a student is not satisfied with his/her award even after checking his/her answer book or clarification from the teacher, he/she may make written complaint to the Principal who will refer his/her case to the Examination Committee of the University.
  7. The mid-term examination shall be held eight weeks after the commencement of the Semester. The final examination shall be held at the end of the semester.
  8. Duration of Examination: In view of the weightage for the various examinations the duration of the exam will be as follows:
    (i) Mid-Term Examination One and half hour (ii) Final Examination Two hours
  9. Examination shall be held on consecutive days excluding holidays. The schedule of paper showing shall be displayed along with the examination schedule.
  10. Home Assignments shall be submitted with the teacher concerned as scheduled by the teacher.

Grading System BBA / MBA

  1. Equivalence in numerical grades, letter grades and grade points will be as follows:
    Percent Marks
    Letter Grade
    Grade Point
    Below 50
    Short Attendance
  2. Maximum Grade Point Average is 4.00.
  3. Minimum Grade Point Average required for obtaining MBA and BBA Degree is 2.00
  4. A fraction of mark is to be counted as "1" mark e.g. 64.1 or 64.9 will be counted as 65.
  5. In order to calculate the GPA multiply Grade Point with the Credit Hours in each course to obtain total grade points add up commutative Grade points and divide by the total number of Credit Hours to get GPA for the semester.

Method for Calculation of the Final CGPA.

  • Add up Cumulative Grade Points of each Semester to obtain grand total and then divide the grand total by total number of credits of the courses studied. The resulting figure will represent the Cumulative Grade Point average secured by a candidate. The CGPA will represent the Cumulative Grade Point average secured by a candidate. The CGPA will be calculated up to any decimal.
  • For the award of Gold Medal or some other award(s), the 1st position will be calculated on CGPA basis of the whole course.
  • For award of Gold Medal, roll of honors and all other distinctions of Punjab University, a student must have passed all the examinations at least in B grade, in the first attempt.

Migration/Transfer/Exemption of Credits

The credits earned in the previous institution may be permitted to be transferred to the other University subject to the condition of similarity/equivalence with the University courses. The students of the other university are also allowed to migrate from one department/centre/institute/University to another department/centre/institute/University with the mutual consent of the heads of department/centre/institute/University.

The migration in all cases shall only be permissible if the student fulfills requirements of merit and availability of seats. The credits earned in the parent department of the student will be considered for exemption of similar/identical courses by the department to which student is admitted. The decision of the department will be final. The migration will not be allowed during the 1st year of any course of study. No credit hour of a course will be transferred if the grade is less than 'C'.